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Action Day 8: Learn and communicate about how my actions create impact (and how to be efficient)

Early on in this process–a YUGE 8 days ago!–I had no idea how someone like me could take on someone who ostensibly runs my country, and is who is hell-bent upon using his own power to exclude, diminish, and self-aggrandize.

Here’s what I’ve observed though: people (like me) who used to feel AOK Facebooking a justice post or two, or who liked someone else’s posts, are hauling their keesters out to marches, using their finger-parts to call up senators, and generally showing up to make known the bigotry that keeps threatening to drown us.

This include many, many White ladies. We KNOW how to engage in a customer service exchange. We KNOW how to watch each other’s kids when one of them needs to get on over to a protest. We KNOW how to order up some postcards and spend hours writing their ideas to their reps. We know how to find out how/when to show up in our senators’ offices. The know that NOW, and are also acting on these things. And any minute we will look around, find ourselves practiced in the fine art of Protest, and get on out to the Black Lives Matter events, where we should have been all along.

But back to the original focus–here are some questions I’ve had and the answers I’ve found:

Q: What is the impact of contacting reps that are not my own?

A: Dustin Shepler (FB) Congress votes if it involves federal funding to make happen… so money but executive orders like these have been done by Obama, Bush, Clinton, and so on…These are normal, but being looked at so harshly because of it being Trump. His federal job freeze isn’t asking for more money so he can do that. The pipeline orders are also not asking for money so he can do an executive order for that too. Also stopping all the orders that were still moving along that Obama did he can do and actually that’s usually the first order all new presidents give is to stop whatever hasn’t been approved that the previous president did. If there’s federal funding involved he can do an executive order too but congress would still have to approve the funding part.
Q: What is a workaround for full VM boxes, so I can maximize my time?


A: Patter Hellstrom (FB) making my daily calls + tip: use Ways&Means 202-225-3625 ask to be transferred to Speaker’s office, bypasses the system


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