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Action Day 8: Tally the wins (ongoing)

It’s easy to feel bludgeoned right now. (Bannon himself called *rump the “blunt instrument” of their strategy. Charming! If only the President understood that this wasn’t a compliment . . .)

These moments show, however, that the law, and the goodness of most people, can constitute resistance. 

1. Judge Blocks US from Deporting Visa Holders, January 28 2017

Query: What about refugees and asylum-seekers?

2. Democracy Wins One as a Federal Court Strikes a Big Blow Against Gerrymandering

The Nation, January 30 2017 | Shared by Josh Suniewick (FB)

Query: How to replicate in other states? Which states have worst gerrymandering?

3. Boy Scouts Address Gender Identity (Admit Transgender Boys)

Boy Scouts Web Site, January 30 2017.

In a world where discriminatory and bigoted executive orders are coming down daily, news of organizations that have heeded the last several years’ messages of the power of inclusivity are like a balm. (Perhaps I will send a donation of thanks on the day that *rump’s anti-LGBTQ+ order comes down! Any day now!)



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