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Action Day 13: Four-Fer Friday! PICK UP YO PHONE.

FRIDAY IS FIRE, people. I have been able to leave all kinds of messages in all kinds of places AND speak to two humans! PICK UP THE PHONE!

  1. Toomey re: defunding Planned Parenthood. This one came down through my Daily Action text. Left a message for Toomey re: 2 new bills introduced to block funding of Planned Parenthood. Told him that defunding organizations that provide access to screenings for cervical cancer and breast cancer is unconscionable. That one felt good! It has been hard to get Toomey’s office. Seems like they either expanded the system, or people gave up on him re: DeVos. SO START CALLING HIM ABOUT ANY OF THE MILLION OTHER INCURSIONS ON OUR RIGHTS, PEOPLE!

2. Senator Cornyn (R-TX) re: no support for DeVos. Easy call, with a kind (not harried!) staffer. Got through, identified myself as out-of-state, they thanked me for my point of view and asked for my zip.


3. Homeland Security re: Bannon-Free America. This one came back as a busy signal, the first time, and success the second (I left a message). screen-shot-2017-02-03-at-12-25-48-pm

4. Connect with my own Congressman, Dwight Evans.



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