activism · cabinet · human rights · inclusivity · LGBTQ+ · pennsylvania · Toomey

Action Day 14: Five Cards for Toomey

They were not Valentines.

I left my phone at home today, so I wrote five postcards, which I will proudly display on Sunday as the ladies come over to write down their thoughts for some senators.

Today I launched my thoughts on

Tom Price’s cabinet appointment (against marriage equality, abortion access, ACA)

Jeff Sessions’ appointment as Attorney General (history of racism, voting record of discrimination against LGBTQ+ and immigrants)

Threat to the Johnson Amendment, which upholds separation of church and state

Neil Gorsuch’s nomination for Supreme Court (originalist interpretation of Constitution, promulgation of unscientific information about contraception, protection of abusive police officers)

Keystone Pipeline/Dakota Access as an extension of shameful history of trampling on Native American rights and well-being.


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