Abortion Rights · misogyny · pennsylvania

Action Day 15: Sign up to track throwback abortion bill (SB-3) in PA Senate.

Today I tracked this retrograde PA abortion bill.screen-shot-2017-02-07-at-12-47-42-pm

These bills–the ones that hit closest to home, in that they seek to tell me what to do with my womb and its contents, a state intrusion that no male has to suffer–get my hackles up the most.

I actually do understand that people have a logic to not wanting abortions to happen. I do not want abortions to happen — but I also don’t want anyone telling me when or where to implement that belief. And again, the supreme injustice of a portion of the population who Gets Told, and the other portion who Does the Telling.

The image of Trump and seven White men signing the Abortion Ban Executive Order, an image trolled later by the gorgeously representative government of Sweden, captures the hypocrisy and discrimination of these kinds of bills.




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