Action Day 16: Follow someone else’s well-researched roadmap on anti-Muslim legislation

Thank you, Alexis Lieberman, Mt. Airy neighbor, mom, and apparent superhero:

1. Two bills have been introduced into the senate by TedCruz, with companion legislation into the House, that, if passed, will allow them to target any Muslim organization by simply naming them terrorists. The IRGC Terrorist Designation Act, and the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act urges the State Dept to determine that these organizations are terrorists, thus making the designation of “terrorist” a political one.

I contacted CAIR about this and learned that their concern is that this bill (and possible executive order) is, “part of a two-step process to delegitimize a great swath of American Muslim advocacy organizations,” adding, “This is sort of a massive cudgel, if it were passed, that could really be used to question, to target, to harass advocacy organizations.”

I called Sen Casey and Rep Evans to be sure this is on their radar.
Casey (215) 405-9660
Evans (202) 225-4001
(they both let me forward the email from CAIR for them to read.)

2. I also called Sen Haywood to say thanks for fighting SB3 (anti abortion) and SB 10 (to defund Philly for being a sanctuary city)
Haywood (717) 787-1427

I found out that SB3 is being voted on today. They recommended calling any Republican senators. And I found out that SB 10 passed and will go to the Pennsylvania house after March 13 when they open again. I emailed our representative in the house, Chris Rabb to ask which house Republicans tend to vote independently rather than along party lines, so we can influence them. I will let you know.)

Rabb (717) 783-2178

3. Finally, I reached Toomey’s staff in Allentown and asked him to vote against Sessions (based on a work history of being anti civil rights) and to have a Philadelphia at Townhall.
Toomey (855) 552-1831


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