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Action Day 19: Do what Alexis Lieberman does. :)

Alexis Lieberman is a Mt. Airy neighbor who attended the Women’s March with her partner Ilene and their child, Michaela, who is a wonderful babysitter and Lego building expert.

Alexis posts daily, and clearly, her actions, with all the necessary info. Sometimes (like today) those are exactly the PA-specific instructions I need:

Alexis Lieberman (on FB):

I called Casey and Toomey to ask the to oppose the roll back of the federal law that requires oil and gas companies to repair or replace equipment that leak methane into the atmosphere.
The rollback is called S.J. Res 11
Casey: (202) 224-6324
Toomey: (855) 552-1831

I called Rep Evans to ask him to oppose the rollback of the law that bans aerial hunting of wolves in the National Wildlife Refuges in Alaska.
The rollback is called H.J. Res 69.
Evans (215) 276-0340

I contacted PA rep Rabb to ask him to work with the Philadelphia delegation (reps from philly) to fight SB 3 and SB10. (3 is anti abortion after 19 weeks — when fetal anomalies are found; 10 defunds Philly for being a 4th amendment city). I had a call from Rep Murt (part of the Phila delegation) last night in response to yesterday’s calls and he had not heard of these bills yet, which will come to the House in a couple of weeks.
Rabb: (717) 783-2178


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