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Actions Day 18: 1. Huddle the troops. 2. Write a dumpload of postcards! 3. Assess successes.

This past Sunday’s Women’s Day March “Huddle,” mostly organized by my fabulous comadre Jordan Bastien, yielded much wonderful time with known and new neighbors. I enjoyed time with my Chestnut Hill friends, fellow Penn Charter parents and colleagues, and many new ladies who live nearby and who are working weekly to protect and promote American values of inclusion and equality. Our voices are particularly focused on LGBTQ+, Muslim, and women’s communities, as well as the environment.

It was beautiful. I would estimate that between 75-100 postcards got send on that day and immediately thereafter. One woman was in the month-long process of extracting her banking business from B of A to a local credit union — no small feat — but an action in opposition to that bank’s support of the Dakota Access Pipeline. (I wonder if they also underwrite companies profiting from mass incarceration . . .)

It is now becoming clear that women–Republican, Muslim, White, lesbian, etc., etc. — are the special sauce in turning this shitsteamer around.  And elections begin as early as next year.

Yesterday, labor secretary nominee Andrew Puzdner withdrew his bid due to having employed an undocumented housekeeper (awkward!) and also because of opposition to his treatment of workers in his fast food chains. On Monday, Michael Flynn was fired for his contact with Moscow operatives. (This is the guy who coined the phrase “Lock her up!” during the election, BTW.)

So some things appear to be working in the right direction. Email me for tips on organizing your own Huddle!


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