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Action Day 20: Do (half of) what Alexis Lieberman does (and a bonus!!)


Alexis Lieberman is a citizen-activist force to be reckoned with. I am a just-keeping-up working mother lady who often skips days of activism because I Just Can’t Do Something Else on That Day. BUT: every time I do, I feel re-energized, like today. And I remain committed to fulfilling 365 days of action, even if they are not all consecutive!

Nevertheless, between this post today and Michael Moore’s “toast *rump” article from yesterday, I am reinvigorated. And after I crafted my title for this post–a classic low-bar strategy, fueled by stress and four S’mores Girl Scout cookies–I actually fulfilled six of the seven Alexis Lieberman calls of wonder!

Alexis Lieberman’s Wednesday List

1. Went to this site:
And wrote this in the comment place:
Please move the LPGA tournament off of Preseason Trump’s gold resort. He is not a friend of women.

Lisa: This was a fun one! And I found this lovely overview online. I am no fan of the golf, but have plenty of lady friend players/relatives who are lifelong golfers, so maybe they will also join in on this one.

2. Emailed all the PA Senators again asking if they support SB 22 to end gerrymandering in PA. (I’ll put their emails at the end of this post.)

3. Left a message for my PA Senator (Art Haywood) to oppose SB 166 (eliminates teacher’s sick days), and SB 175 (eliminate PA Dept of Environmental Protection’s ability to regulate methane) again asking if they support SB 22 to end gerrymandering in PA. (I’ll put their emails at the end of this post.)
(717) 787-1427

Lisa: Spoke to lovely staffer Leona, who confirmed Senator Haywood’s opposition to SB 166 and 175 and support for SB 22. 

4. Left a message for my PA House Rep Chris Rabb to oppose SB 3 (anti abortion) and SB 10 (defunds Philly). I let him know that some of the other Philadelphia representatives don’t know about these bills and asked that he call them before the House reconvenes to get them on board.
(717) 783-2178

Lisa: Also left a message.

5. I called U.S. Senator Bob Caseyto ask him to demand to have Pruitt’s emails, which will be released today, thoroughly and immediately investigated to see if he has a conflict of interest in his new position as head of EPA
(202) 224-6324

Lisa: Also left a message.

6. I called Dwight Evans to support HR 371 the Presidential Conflict of Interest Bill.
(202) 225-4001

Lisa: Also left a message with a staffer.

7. I called the Office of Government Ethics and asked that they call DAILY for a non partisan investigation of the Russian interference in the presidential election.
(202) 482-9300 x5

Lisa: Also left a message.


Bonus: I got so fired up by all this activism (it wasn’t the GS cookies, I swear) that I added on this one:



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