I am energized. I just had my first conversation that went something like, “So what was the Women’s March for?” This blog is, in part, an answer to that question. The half-million people who shared that lovely day with me in D.C.–including my daughter, my neighbors, my colleagues, my students, trans people, people of color, Muslim people, LGBTQ+ people, men, children, Mexicans holding their beautiful flag–everything about that day helped me focus my definition of America. In honor of that vision, I will take an action each day to ensure that we all stay together, in equity and justice, at the center of this democracy-in-crisis.

I am sustained by my work as an educator. I hope to share this blog with my Penn Charter school community as an easy model for accountability, reflection, and conversation. I told two students-friends today. They were at the march too, and they are psyched to lay down some action.

I am also, in spite of my 44 years of existence, a completely new student of government and democracy. I had to ask today who my two senators were. (Update 2/23: Just found out I’m in Ward 22!) So I am really starting from the ground up. But I do love some learning, so here we go!

In solidarity, and in movement toward justice for all,